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Returns are normally no problem. If you need to return your item before it ships just let us know. If you want to return it after you recieve it, simply mail it back. There are a couple things I need to address:

1. If you have used your item and wish to return it, realize that you are not 'returning' it, but instead asking us to buy it back. We buy, sell, and trade so we are happy to do so. 

2. Large orders are subject to a transaction fee. Most businesses call this a re-stocking fee, but that is misleading. We do not charge a re-stocking fee to simply put your returned items back on the shelf. Everyone knows that when paying by credit card or Paypal the seller incures fees to process this payment securely. On large orders these transaction fees become significant, and we are unwilling to eat these fees when a large sum of money is refunded within hours of a tranaction being processed. Just as many other things in life, the few have ruined it for the many. For this hassle we charge 7%.

Here is how to avoid #2:

A phone call. Show us that you are genuine and well-meaning, and not a stolen credit card with an email account started 20 minutes ago. That's all. We understand things happen, and orders need to be cancelled, but spending our time sorting out scams and BS is not how anyone wants to spend their time. 

We are not a large faceless Corporation, we are Mike and Lori. We are a small local business who treat our customers with courtesy and respect. We simply would like the same in return.