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Our Limited Lifetime warranty covers knives made by us here at Northern Knives. Our knives are made under the names 3 Dog Knife, and R&R Alaskan. We are not interested in getting tied up in a long drawn out mess of legalese. Basically, if you break it we fix it.

There are a few caveats to this warranty though. Don't expect us to replace a moose antler handle you used as a hammer or a knife you left in a campfire for a couple hours. Instances of extreme abuse and/or neglect will not be warranteed. It isn't possible to run down all the possible things people do to their knives, so I won't even try. Suffice it to say, we know abuse when we see it. Warranty fullfilment will be solely at our discretion, period. Now, that may sound harsh, but let me also add that we are lenient, understanding, and (most of all) out to make our customers happy.

All knives produced by 3DK and R&R Alaskan come with our lifetime sharpening service. Northern Knives will sharpen your knife, free of charge, for life. 

Knives sent in for repair or replacement that are found to be clones, conterfiet, or replicas of our models will not be returned.