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The AK Fillet


            In filleting fish, there is the blood-n-guts-and-grunt-work style and the style that is more of the fine art of filleting, and all the others in-between. Important in all styles is a keenly sharp edge, combined with the ability to hold that edge.  Our custom fillets come razor sharp straight out of the box and are renowned world-over for the toughness of their edge. We use a proprietary blend of steel that gives great edge retention while still offering the flex that fishers demand. We commonly hear stories of our knife filleting 30+ fish on a single sharpening, and some of our professional fisherman customers claim upwards of 60 fish on a single sharpening.

            Their combination of flexibility and "tip feel" is second to none. In-house testing has shown the ability to beautifully flex 180' and return to form, and yet you never lose the feel of the tip in the fish while filleting.

            We incorporate titanium tubing into our handle construction. This adds greatly to handle strength, and provides two lashing points. Feedback from our customers showed that many fisherman prefer to tie-off the knife while on the boat so as to prevent losing it overboard, or a forward lash for use while in the hand. Since the tubing is titanium the AK Fillet can be used in brackish / seawater conditions without worry of corrosion. This adds to the AK Fillets superior durability and versatility.

            Add on the custom premium leather sheaths, and you have a rig that will satisfy the most discriminating fisher. This is why we've repeatedly shipped our fillets all over the world, even to those parts where fishing is a way of life, i.e. Norway, Australia, Florida, Costa Rica, Japan, Belize, and others.

            The overall length of the blade is offered at a maximum of 7-7/8", and we can tailor a shorter length to whatever you prefer.

Handle materials include:

Dymondwood (several colors)

Caribou Antler

Moose Antler

Mammoth Bone

Stellar Sea Cow

Whale Bone

Mammoth Ivory

Every 3DK custom comes with our lifetime warranty, and is sharpened free for life. Click here for more details.