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The Amuk

A Bushcraft and Survival Companion, Taken to the Next Level

The Amuk is a camping / survival / bushcraft knife built tough enough to handle the Alaskan wilderness, one of the most unforgiving on the planet. The unique design allows the knife to be used as a chopper, a slicer, a strike saw, a wood working tool, and much more. The Amuk was conceived as a companion knife to the Severance. While the Severance would handle the larger grunt work of scouting / clearing camp and collecting materials, the Amuk would aid in the construction of shelter, campfire building, firewood prep, and those tasks essential to survival. At the same time The Amuk is tough enough to stand up to these tasks alone, and during development it became obvious that it doesn't need to be anything's 'companion'. The Amuk has evolved into a formidable blade, able to tackle the hardest tasks a survivalist or camper may need.

Since it was developed after the Severance the Amuk benefits from much of the feedback and field testing data we received. Like it's big brother, the handle is designed for a firm, competent purchase and for comfortable prolonged usage with no resultant hot-spotting in the hand. The handle design also eliminates the possibility of a fatigued hand moving up onto the cutting edge. It incorporates many of the features found in the larger Severance but into a more compact, easy to carry, and versatile package. Like our other designs, The Amuk is a knife of uncompromised reliance. It is designed to stand up to punishment other custom knifemakers would consider 'abuse', such as prying, chopping, and batoning through thicker material, repeatably.

All 3DK designs are refined with the heaviest of users in mind. Our priorities are maximum versatility and durability, to insure that our knives are used often, and for many years to come. We want a knife that is, without exception, as tough as we could possibly offer. Original 3DK prototypes were beat with sledgehammers until failure. This was so we could gauge the overall strength of our handling process, which differs significantly from other makers' typical tubed handling process . Only after that do we move on to field testing.

Some of the features incorporated into the final design are:

  • -Strong forward handle face, with thumb ramp
  • -Strong slicing/penetrating tip
  • -Recurve edge for increased cutting capability
  • -No rear blade edge notch (read: useless mini-choile) that might hang up in netting, rope, or other material
  • -Rear handle "persuader" or puncture tip
  • -Handle tubing for lashing to a pole if needed

The Amuk's custom hollow grind blends to a full convex Scandi / Bushcraft grind on the modified tanto front edge, adding to its versatility. The titanium barrels, and top-rated handle materials resist corrosion as well as adding to our exceptional handle strength. The titanium tubing also offers many lashing options. Lashing is often a must in the extreme situations in which our customers find themselves.

The blade steels utilized are top-rated N690, K110 (D2), and Elmax steels by Bohler-Uddeholm. Tempering of the blades is finished with a cryogenic process, all done in-house, resulting in Rockwell readings ranging from 57 to 62 depending upon the steel and application.

We think all this makes the 3DK lineup the toughest, most long-lasting custom knives available anywhere. Proudly made in Anchorage, Alaska.

Many variations are available, all using premium steel, top-rated handle materials, and titanium tubing. Custom variations are also available.

Steel choices are:

  • -Elmax
  • -N690
  • -K110 (D2)

Handle materials include:

  • -Micarta (several colors)
  • -G10 (several colors)
  • -Carbon Fiber
  • -Some special requests may also be accommodated.


  • Overall Length: ~12" (30.5cm)
  • Blade Length: ~6.75" (17cm)
  • Weight: ~13.6oz - 16oz (386g - 454g)
  • Handle Thickness: ~.75" (~19mm)
  • Steel Thickness: ~.2" - .24" (~5mm - 6mm)

Every 3DK custom comes with our lifetime warranty, and is sharpened free for life. Click here for more details.

Custom knives vary quite a bit. The variances in specifications above (blade thickness affecting weight) represent the full spectrum of the models we make. Weight variance given does not include carbon fiber handles. For information on specific models currently available please contact us.

Prices start @ $299

Every Amuk comes with a custom Kydex sheath (including large Blade-Tech TEK-LOK™) made in-house by Northern Knives.

Being the largest full service knife shop west of the Mississippi gave us many advantages when developing our own custom in-house knives. We are able to compare and contrast, literally, thousands of knives. What works, what doesn't, what customers perfer, and what they dislike, and countless other factors were compiled from our, and our customers experiences. The result gives 3DK a line of knives that can out-perform most all other custom knife makers.

For additional details or if we do not have an Amuk available on the website in the configuration you would prefer please contact us. Thanks again for you support and interest.