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The Multiple Animal Knife (MAK)

The last hunting knife you'll ever have to buy, guaranteed.*

If you and five other friends go hunting, and everyone gets their animal, you still would only need one MAK. The M.A.K. was still unnamed when it went into field testing. Referred to internally as simply 'the hunter'. It was during field testing that the Multiple Animal Knife earned it's name. We don't just say it, we prove it. In our shop we still have 2 of our original MAK field testers on display. One of them has been through 11 animals, without being sharpened. The other has been through an astounding 15 animals, on its original edge. All of our customers are welcome to handle these knives and see for themselves the remarkable edge these knives still retain. We still have not retired these knives, they will continue to go into the field and dress animals until they no longer can, no matter how long it takes. There is a video on our YouTube channel of an orange G10 M.A.K. dressing a mule deer in the hands of Jason Z. Pay attention to how effortlessly and cleanly he dresses the animal. Now remember that you are watching that knife dress its 8th animal on its original edge.

The MAK was designed with the heavy user in mind. The intention when designing this knife was maximum versatility and durability. The result is a design that can be personally configured to perform just as perfectly on the hunt, as it does down range. We wanted a knife that was, without exception, as tough as we could possibly offer. The MAK is the result of that. Original MAK prototypes were beat with sledgehammers until failure. This was so we could gauge the overall strength of our handling process, which differs significantly from other makers' typical tubed handling process . Only after that did we move on to field testing.

The MAK's custom convex grind, and blade geometry lend to excellent edge retention. The titanium barrels, and top-rated handle materials resist corrosion as well as adding to our exceptional handle strength. The titanium tubing also offers many lashing options. Lashing is often a must in the extreme situations in which our customers find themselves.

The blade steels utilized are top-rated N690, K110 (D2), Elmax, and M390 steels by Bohler-Uddeholm. Tempering of the blades is finished with a cryogenic process, all done in-house, resulting in Rockwell readings ranging from 57 to 62 depending upon the steel and application.

We think all this makes the MAK the toughest, most long-lasting custom hunting knife available anywhere. Proudly made in Anchorage, Alaska.

Over 50 variations available, all using premium steel, top-rated handle materials, and titanium tubing. Custom variations are also available.

Steel choices are:

  • -M390
  • -Elmax
  • -N690
  • -K110 (D2)
  • -CPM-S30V

Two grinds are available:

  • -Convex
  • -Bushcraft/Scandi

Handle materials include:

  • -Micarta (several colors)
  • -G10 (several colors)
  • -Carbon Fiber
  • -Dymondwood
  • -Select horn and antler (inc. Moose, Caribou, and Dall Sheep)
  • -Select bone and ivory (inc. Stellar's, Walrus, Whale, and Mammoth)
  • -Some special requests may also be accommodated.


  • Overall Length: ~8.5" (21.5cm)
  • Blade Length: >4" (9.75cm)
  • Weight: ~6.2oz - 7.5oz (175g - 210g)
  • Handle Thickness: ~.70" (~17mm)
  • Steel Thickness: ~.14" - .2" (~3.4mm - 5mm)

Custom knives vary quite a bit. The variances in specifications above (blade thickness affecting weight) represent the full spectrum of the models we make. Elmax models generally representing the thicker blade (~.2" / 5mm) and M390 representing the thinner (~.14" - 3.4mm). N690 and K110 models make up the vast majority of the middle ground. N690 and K110 thickness comes in at about ~1.6" / 4mm. Weight variance given does not include carbon fiber handles. For information on specific models currently available please contact us.

Prices start @ $219

Every MAK comes with a leather sheath, made here in Alaska by Diamond D Custom Leather. If you prefer, a Kydex sheath (including large Blade-Tech TEK-LOK™) can be supplied for an additional $35.

Being the largest full service knife shop west of the Mississippi gave us many advantages when developing our own custom in-house knives. We are able to compare and contrast, literally, thousands of knives. What works, what doesn't, what customers perfer, and what they dislike, and countless other factors were compiled from our, and our customers experiences. The result gives 3DK a line of knives that can out-perform most all other custom knife makers.

For additional details or if we do not have a MAK available on the website in the configuration you would prefer please contact us. Thanks again for you support and interest.

* - Every custom MAK comes with our lifetime warranty, and is sharpened free for life. Click here for more details.