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We are now offering our consignment services to our online customers.

There are many benefits to our consignment process. Firstly, your consignment will be featured on our website. Just as you found your way here to read this, your consignment will be available 24-7/365 for prospective customers to find here. We will handle all the particulars, including pictures, and description.

Secondly, your consignment will also be available in our brick-and-mortar retail shop. Availability in our shop is a key benefit. The majority of our business is done in person, face-to-face with our customers. That's the way we like it. This means that your consignment comes with personal attention from our staff, and can take full advantage of our knowledge and courtesy. Your consignment will be available to prospective customers in the largest full service knife shop west of the Mississippi. Any knife collector/enthusiast knows that being able to hold and inspect a knife in person is invaluable when choosing your tools and collectibles.

As any of our customers will tell you, with any dealing we have, we follow two sound principles: 1. We keep everything fair, and 2. We keep everything simple. Our consignment program is no different. There are no lengthy contracts, no hidden fees, and no penalties.

Keeping it fair

You must agree to ask a fair market value for your consignment. We strive to give all our customers an equitable experience. We will value your consignment once we have received it and confer back with you on the FMV we have established. Our assessment may be higher, or may be lower, but you must allow us to establish a value that is fair to you, us, and your prospective buyer. For example, if you intend to ask a 40% premium over-and-above what your item is currently selling for, in the hopes that rarity will force a buyer's hand, then we are not the place to do that.

Keeping it simple

Our consignment agreement consists of:

1. You mail your consignment to us.

2. We sell your consignment in the methods described above.

3. When your consignment sells, we mail you a check.

4. If you change your mind, just request your consignment back, and we mail it back.


Our consignment fee is 30% of sale price. To be eligible, your consignment must have an established fair market value of no less than $150.00. For any additional details or if you have any other questions, please contact us.