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Design Your Own Knife

Can't find the exact knife you want? Think you have a good idea for a knife the "big boys" haven't thought of? Let's find out. We at Northern Knives now offer the ability to design your own knife. All you really need is an idea and we can do the rest. Ideas can be submitted via scale drawing, cardboard/card stock template, or even just rough sketch. We will guide you through the process of finalizing your idea and getting it ready for production. There are many options available to you in the finalizing of your design.

You will be able to:

- Select your own steel

- Select your own handle material

- Select your own sheath material and style

You can select your steel from our available stock.
Typical steels we stock are:

    -Elmax -N690
    - K110 (D2)             - S30V

There are advantages and disadvantages to each and we will be happy to help you find the steel ideal to your purposes.

You can also select your own handle material from our in-house stock. Typical handle materials we stock include:

- Micarta (several colors)

- G10 (several colors)

- Carbon Fiber

- Competition Grip rubber

- Select horn and antler (inc. Moose, Caribou, and Dall Sheep)

- Select bone and ivory (inc. Stellar's, Walrus, Whale, and Mammoth)

- Select Dymondwood variations

- Some special requests may also be acceptable


We also make all of our sheaths and scabbards right here in the shop. Your custom design includes a sheath of your preference.
First, pick your material.

- We offer either traditional leather, or custom fit Kydex.

Second, decide on your style.

- Universal-carry, Tek-Lok, Molle, snap-strap (etc...)?

- Leather tooling, decorative inset, double stitching?

If your not sure, let us offer suggestions based on the knife's function. Click here for more information on our custom sheaths.

There are too many options to list. For this reason we do not automate the process on our website. To design and build your own knife simply contact us. Build time will, of course, vary depending on many factors. Typically we see build times of around 8-12 weeks from idea to completion. You can also single out parts of the process to do yourself. If you wish, you can have us only cut a custom profiled knife blank. Then you can finish it with your own grinds, heat-treatment, handle materials, and finish work. You can also pick and choose the elements you wish to do, and you wish us to do. All in all, it adds up to a completely one-of-a-kind, made in Alaska custom blade.

Prices start at $110