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Q.  Do you trade?

  • A.  Hey, we love to trade! We mostly trade knives, but we've traded for all kinds of things. It's fun!

Q.  Do you ship worldwide?

  • A.  Yes. We generally use USPS for all of our shipping, but we have used UPS, FedEx, and DHL in the past.

Q.  What forms of payment do you accept?

  • A.  On the website we accept PayPal, most major credit cards, money orders, and cash.
          In the store we accept most major credit cards, traveler's checks, checks, MO's, and cash.

Q.  Why can't I pay with Paypal?

  • A.  Paypal does not allow automatic or butterfly knives to be purchased through their service. These items violate Paypal's Terms of Service Agreement. For more information, please contact Paypal directly.

Q.  Why can't I pay with Paypal, I'm not buying an auto/butterfly?

  • A. If you are trying to ship to an address that is not the one you have established with your Paypal account your transaction may be blocked. You cannot use our website to add addresses for Paypal to ship (such as freight-forwarders, and/or your 'friends' house). If you want to ship to an address other than your established Paypal address, you must add this address to your Paypal accout FIRST, then complete your transaction here. This is not difficult to do. This is a process we are very familiar with in Alaska. We have to do the same thing for many of our purchases from the lower 48.

Q.  What is my knife worth?

  • A.  This is not a simple question to answer. When bringing your knife into us you have 4 options, each producing a different market value assesment.
    Option one is asking us to buy the knife outright.
    Option two is to use the knife as a trade-in on a different knife in our inventory.
    Option three is to consign the knife in our store and website.
    Option four is asking us to appraise the knife and asses a fair market value which you may use a guideline to sell the knife yourself. For more information please click here to be taken to our knife purchasing policy page.

Q.  Can I call in my order by phone?

  • A.  Yes you can. If you order on the website all domestic shipping is free. If you wish to order by phone we do not offer free domestic shipping. The reason is simple: ordering on the website saves us time, which saves us money. When we save money, our customers save money.

Q.  ... and the answer to what is by far our most common question:

  • A.  No, I'm sorry. We are not currently hiring.