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Carbide Tipped Circular Saw Blade Sharpening

Full Service

$ 0.35/tooth for ATB (Alternate Top Bevel) blades

$ 0.45/tooth for Triple Chip Grind blades

$ 0.50/tooth for certain metal cutting blades

* Minimum $15- charge per blade. 


In an average sharpening approximately .003" - .004" of material is removed from the face of the tooth. Up to .004" - .006" of material is removed from the top of the tooth. In some cases when a blade has been used after being dulled it may need to be repaired. Generally repairing a blade is done by bringing the top of the other teeth down further until all teeth can be matched, uniform, and precise. Repairs are charged 5% for each .002" of material that must be removed to uniformly bring the blade back within proper specs.

Unlike automated machine sharpening we do not consider each individual tooth separate. Rather we consider the overall blade as a whole. This means that our sharpening process  brings more uniformity, and greater balance to the blade. The blades are also washed and scrubbed to remove all debris and foriegn material. Ultimately, our process yields a cleaner and more professional finish to your cuts.  When quality matters, no automation can match our custom precision.


Expedited Service

< 50 tooth blades = $10

> 50 tooth blades = $15

Your blades may need a 'tune-up', but arent quite ready for a Full service sharpen. Maybe you're on a deadline and don't have time for a Full service sharpen. The Expedited service we offer might be just what you are looking for. Our turn around time on Expedited services is generally half what a Full service sharpen would be. 

In an average sharpening approximately .003" - .004" of material is removed from the face of the tooth. The top of the tooth is not resurfaced. Blades with chipped and/or missing teeth may not be eligible. A blade sharpened with the Expedited service will not cut as cleanly as a blade with a Full service sharpening. For this reason blades with many chipped and/or missing teeth will gain even less benefit from the Expedited service. Excessively damaged blades will need our Repair service, Repair services are not available in conjunction with Expedited services. Blades are not washed and scrubbed with Expedited services. 


Jointer and Chipper Blades

Blade face measurement:

1/8" = $1/in.

1/4" = $2/in.

1/2" = $3.50/in.

1" = $5/in.

* Minimum $7- charge per, carbide +50% charge. Up to 8" maximum length.


If your blade requires major chip repair, it is available. Repairs are charged 5% for every repair pass that must be made to bring the blade back to within specs.