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  • We sharpen all sorts of edges - knives, ice augers, scissors, garden tools, axes & hatchets, swords, and paper cutters, just to name a few. We give all of our returning customers a card that entitles them to a 20% discount on shop services.

    Typically knives that are 5 inches and less cost $2 to sharpen, and 5 inches and more are $3. More often than not, we can sharpen them while you wait.

Sample Prices:*
Knives$3Hatchets/Axes$5 to $10
Machetes$5 to $10Splitting Mauls$10 to $20
Swords$15 to $40Paper Cutters$10 to $25
Ice Auger$3 to $5Meat Grinder$8 to $12
Sample Prices:*
Machetes$5 to $10
Swords$15 to $40
Hatchets/Axes$5 to $10
Splitting Mauls$10 to $20
Paper Cutters$10 to $25
Ice Auger$3 to $5
Meat Grinder$8 to $12
  • *Prices vary based upon condition, size, complexity, and assembly of the item.

Mail-in Sharpening:
  • Many customers mail us in their knives to be sharpened. Typically mail-in orders are sharpened and returned the same day, and occasionally as late as the next day. Expedited return shipping is available, but as a matter of course we return orders with USPS Flat-Rate Priority shipping.

Saw Blades:
  • Click here for specific pricing and more information.

  • We do some of this and some of that. Minor broken knife tips are usually repaired at no charge when we sharpen your knife. We tune pocket clips, oil pivots, and make general adjustments for no charge, while you wait. More extensive repairs start around $5. Most minor repairs can be completed and ready for pick up the next day.

Cleaning and Auto Spring Replacement:
  • Cleaning and auto spring replacements usually runs $10 to $20, including the price of the spring. Other parts may require additional wait times if the parts must be ordered. Minor orders can be completed and ready for pick up the next day.

Custom Modifications:
  • We do many modifications. From everyday carry folders on up to full custom pieces, many services are available. For more information and examples click here.

Custom Etching:
  • We have develpoed a unique process for pesonalizing your blades. For more information and examples click here.

Custom Sheaths:
  • We build a large assortment of custom sheaths here in the shop. We use both Kydex and leather. For more information and examples click here.