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We buy, sell, and trade knives so when bringing your knives into us you have several options, each producing a different market value assesment. In general the options allow the customer to decide how much money the knife is worth to them based on how much involvemet they want in the sale, the services they want from us, and how quickly they want payment.


Option one is to use the knife as a trade-in on a different knife in our inventory, or one that we make. This option usually nets the customer the most bang-for-their-buck. Just how much your knife trades for depends heavily on what you want in exchange. Some manufacturers and custom makers are better trades than others. To have your knife valued this way you must have a knife you want to trade for in mind.


Option two is to consign the knife in our store and website. In this option we market the knife on our website, and in our retail location. In exchange we recieve a percentage of the sales price when the knife sells. All the details of our consignment process can be found here.


Option three is asking us to buy your knife outright. This option gets the customer the quickest money, and requires the least involvement from the seller. Consequently, the seller does not net as much as the other options.


Option four is asking us to appraise the knife and asses a fair market value which you may use as a guideline to sell the knife yourself. If you want to know what to ask for your knife in another sales venue, we will be happy to help. We can give you a fair and equitable price to ask on other sites such as eBay, Craigslist, Instagram, etc. While this is the most amount of work for the customer, it also nets them the most money. A cute little trick that some people seem to think is clever is to have us appraise their knife, then ask us to buy it at that amount. You're not the first to think that's funny, it's not. It's dumb. Stop it.

Unconventional Trades

We don't just trade for knives. We have traded for all kinds of things in the past. Generally speaking we tend to trade for things in the same wheelhouse as what we sell. For example, we would be much more interested in trading for a nice piece of elk antler, than the tail light of a '99 Silverado. I'm sure your tail light really is in 'like-new' condition, we just wouldn't know what to do with it. In the past a few of the more common things we have traded for are pelts, claws, ivory, skulls, unique militaria, gold, unique munitions, bone, exotic woods, interesting Alaskana, even unique books and references about knives. Please make sure that whatever you want to trade to us is legal. No matter how interesting it may be, or how curious we may be, we cannot accept any black market items, or items shipped illegally.