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Sheaths are custom made to the specific knife, we do not use a template. We have pre-made sheathes available in the shop if you need a generic sheath without wait. With a custom order the knife must be left here at the shop while the sheath is constructed. This ensures that every sheath has optimum fitment, durability, and fits the customers needs as closely as possible.

  • We build a large assortment of custom Kydex sheaths here in the shop. Most sheaths run $25 to $60, complete with attachments. There are many options when considering a Kydex sheath. They can be tailored for their purpose and how you intend to carry it. For example inside-the-waistband sheaths will differ greatly from sheaths intended to be strapped to a pack. You can request a certain type of retention/release and carry position as well as many other factors.

    Kydex means of attachment we utilize include leather thumb-break snap loops, Tek-Locks, malice clips, and fixed belt loops. Completion is usually within one week. Military orders always take precedence.

  • Leather sheaths are handmade by Don DeZarn. Many options are available, including leather tooling, decorative inset, double stitching, etc... Completion will times vary depending on Don's current workload, but within two weeks is a typical quote. Prices start at $45.

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