5 Reasons Why an Opinel Makes a Great EDC Knife

Opinel; It's a name brand name synonymous with a whole type of knife, and for good reason. If you are into knives, it's pretty likely you've heard of the Opinel knife. If you haven't, don't worry! In this article I'll explain what (an) Opinel is and give you 5 reasons why it makes a great every day carry knife.

Three of the 10 Opinel Sizes

First, what is Opinel? Opinel is a knife company based in Savoie France that has been making knives since 1890. They manufacture a variety of knives and knife related accessories including classic kitchen knives, specialty knives (mushroom, cheese, etc.), gardening tools, and outdoor multi-feature folding knives with modern materials. However, they are best known for their traditional wood handled pocket folding knives. These knives have an extremely recognizable design, with some great features:

The Virobloc Allows the Opinel to Lock Both Open and Closed

1) There's an Opinel Sized Just Right for Everyone

No matter what your knife needs or preferences, you can be pretty sure Opinel offers a knife that will work for you. Opinel offers 10 different sizes of pocket knives from teency tiny keychain knives (like the No. 2 with a 1.38" blade) to massive camping knives (like the No. 13 with a whopping 8.75" blade). Somewhere within that range there's bound to be an option that fits your hand, pocket, and cutting needs.

2) The Handles are Great

Not only are the handles surprisingly ergonomic, there are lots of handle color and material options also! The classic standard handles are Beech harvested mainly from sustainably managed French forests, which are a nice light color. They also offer some colored handles, handles with designs, synthetic handles, and handles in more exotic woods. The classic wood handles are contoured with a palm swell to fill the hand and make for comfortable and easy handling in use.

3) The Price is Right

Opinels are eminently easy on the wallet. The different sizes of the standard models range in the $15-$25 range, which makes them a great budget option. You can get one for the house, one for you