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Photograp[hy by Will Ingram
MAK by 3DK ( 3 Dog Knife ) W/ Dall Sheep Horn handle

In this roundtable interview we go over how the M.A.K. came to be with its creators Mike and Lori ( owners of Northern Knives / 3DK ) as well as our local personality Doug, general shop hand Hunter and the web admin Dakota.

We all try to give our impressions on the M.A.K. , the knives that influenced it and the testing we put it through to bring it to its final design seen above. In the coming days we will post up the second half of the round table where we go a little bit more into how the M.A.K. also influenced some of our design decisions on the Riot and confirm the long standing conspiracy about the AMUK - a not so secret project we have been working on for the past few years.

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