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The gang comes together to do some initial impressions and an overview of the new 2019 Benchmade Turret as well as fiddle and otherwise molest the Gold Class Arcane.

Overall the Turret is an interesting amalgamation of Benchmades current design language. While fiddling with it, some of the design decisions didn't make full sense until we really took a look at the ergonomics of the scales and frame of the knife.

Although we are still slightly puzzled by the jimping on the blade, the shape of the frame and scales lend itself to being used as a fist pack. Also the overall design makes a lot more sense if you are wearing working gloves, thus lending creed to the over sized dimensions of the overall build.

Time will tell if this design has staying power. We all think that next year there may be a slightly modified version of this model available next year.

The Gold Class Arcane on the other end of the spectrum is truly a stunning knife and just pure knife porn. Overall we feel guilty even handling the thing. What can be said? It has an insanely smooth action, fantastic fit and finish that could give any CRK a run for its money and spectacular Damascus pattern on the inlay and blade. This is no every mans knife, more the knife every man wishes they could justify owning.

Check out our video for more details and thoughts on these two awesome additions to the Benchmade lineup.

We actually have gotten in quite a few New Models from Benchmade so far this year, check em out

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