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Here in the shop we just got in not one, but two of the Benchmade Gold Class cigar cutters. Part of a limited run of only 250. After looking online for an actual review instead of an unboxing we were left with the feeling that very few people purveying this fantastic cutter, for one reason or another, were not actually objectively testing it.

Benchmade Gold Class Cigar Cutter - Carbon fiber Scales with Rhine stone inlays. Beautiful to behold

After going over several other blades last night we decided that someone needed to give actual input on just how awesome this platonic ideal of cigar cutters really is. Although we joke about the price, this is one of those instances where there was literally no expense spared in the construction of this fantastic tool. The blade itself, made of S90v steel, was fantastic and gave the cleanest cut we here at Northern Knives have ever seen from any cutter. It really made a difference on my Gherkin Ghost which I usually have issues with small "tails" or "tags" fraying off the end and slowly unwinding during enjoyment. The clean, almost glass smooth cut stopped it from unwinding and really brought the flavors forward with the first few pulls versus waiting for it to warm as i go. Also the thoughtfulness of the spring mechanism, what Benchmade calls an Axis Lock, was a nice touch. It made one handed trimming an ease. Yes, there are other cutters out there with assisted actions, but this was the smoothest and surprisingly lightest mechanism i have personally used. Overall all would i say this is for everyone? No, there are other cutters that get the job done. But if you pay for the upper echelons of cigars, then this will help you get greater value and enjoyment out of them. Check this cutter out along with our selection of other Limited Edition knives and accessories. Also thank you to 5th Avenue Cigars for supplying us with some of the finest cigars to be hand in Alaska. Check out there page if you have a moment:

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