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        The Northern Knives commercial knife and sharpening lease program was designed to be a simple, convenient, and low-cost way for restaurants to manage their knife inventory. After numerous requests from our commercial/restaurant customers we are now accepting new clients to our leasing program. We take the work and headache out of purchasing, sharpening, maintenance, replacement, and general upkeep of your kitchen inventory. 

       We start off our clients with new knives of their choice, as many as they need. Then on a bi-weekly (or weekly) basis we deliver sharpened knives, and exchange them for your dull knives. Its that simple, there is no long term commitment, and no hidden fees or costs. 

     Worn out knives, and knives that have reached the end of their usefulness are replaced by us at no-charge to the client. Delivery is provided at no-charge, and your lease agreement may be adjusted and tailored to fit your changing needs at no-charge. 

General Terms:

  • Dexter-Russel, Victorinox and KAI knives are used for the lease.

  • Minimum 5 knives required.

  • Minimum 3 month commitment required.

  • Worn-out knives are replaced by Northern Knives at no charge.

  • All knives will be exchanged for sharp knives at specified intervals (weekly/bi-weekly).

  • Various knives may be added/removed, often at no charge.

  • All leased knives are property of Northern Knives and must be returned at service cessation, with normal wear and tear.

  • Missing, broken, or heavily damaged knives will be billed to the restaurant. 

  • Cost is $4 per knife per sharpening. This fee covers all costs of knives, delivery/pick-up, and sharpening. 

      We have worked hard to develop a leasing program that is cost effective, efficient, and worry-free for our professional and commercial clients. We can customize your lease terms to fit your specific needs. To sign-up or if you simply have some questions about the program feel free to contact us.

To sign-up or if you simply have some questions about the program feel free to contact us

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