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C.W. Fuller

Charles Fuller was born in Port Elizabeth, South Africa, a coastal town along the Eastern Cape. At the age of 5, he moved to Pretoria. Charles spent a good portion of his time in the bush learning to hunt with his air rifle and sling shot. Wanting to process and cook what he shot, Charles bought some of his first knives at a local shop. Although these knives weren’t very good quality, this is where his passion for knives began.

After moving back to Port Elizabeth to work in his family business, Charles stumbled across a video of a guy forging blades and shaving his beard with a knife. That guy was ABS Master Smith, Murray Carter. The videos flamed the passion of knifemaking that was instilled in Charles as a young boy in the bush. Early in his knifemaking journey, Charles was introduced to two influential knifemakers who helped shorten the learning curve dramatically. The late Rob Brown, who taught him how to design knives, and Deon Nel, who provided encouragement and inspiration.
Charles seeks to make a cutting tool that will stand up to hard use while maintaining the aesthetics of a knife suitable for the best collection.
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