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Custom Engraving (Artwork and Text)

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Laser Engraving

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We offer custom steel, titanium, and aluminum laser engraving services. We have several different engraving finishes to choose from. We can also engrave DLC, Cerakoted, and bead/sand blast blades. Patterns, symbols, insignia, and many custom options are also available.

First a few things to consider:

  • orders for work under $100.00 will have shipping costs - See our shipping policy
  • If you would like to have your item Bead Blasted we do offer it to better offset the engraving. Bead Blasting is $10 for one item, $20 for two, $30 for four and $40 for six.
  • How many items on your knife do you want engraved? It's per item(part). A set of knife scales is two items to be engraved.
  • If you would like to incorporate your own art or design into the engraving it is a flat $45 fee for the file creation on our side. It is a one time fee and we will send you the file we create for future use on other projects if you so wish. Remember to upload your artwork or logo.
  • If you choose to do any of the patterns we have above, the cost will be nil for the artwork and only for the prep / burn in.
  • If your blade or item already has a coating, there is not option on the color / depth of the engraving. Ths first picture above is how it will come out(color and depth wise).
  • An example of a standard engraving is:
      • Benchmade Griptillian
      • $25.00 - you want your name on the spine near the thumb rise(single engraving)
      • $10.00 - you want the blade bead blasted for that dark flat finish
      • $0.00 - no artwork
      • $0.00 - you inform us of your font choice
      • $0.00 - you choose option 3 for the burn in
      • $35.00 Total + shipping and you have an AWESOME custom knife


When shipping in your item for work, please put your order number/invoice number on the shipping label. If you are able to include your receipt in the box it would be appreciated but not mandatory. If your order was over $100.00, return shipping will be on us.

Shipping Address

Northern Knives - Order # 99999999

531 E 5th Ave

Anchorage, AK, 99501

Time allotted to complete work

Once we receive the package please allow 3-5 business days to complete your order. We will send you notification that we have received your item, we will also send you completion photos through email once the work has been completed. At this point we may reach out to collect return shipping if your order did not reach the free shipping threshold or qualify for any of our shipping promotions.

Caveat on artwork sent to us

Any artwork sent to us that we format and configure for use on our equipment becomes ours to use on future projects. The file creation however is a one time charge and we will email you a copy of the file we create for use in our shop. If you wish to have the logo / artwork / pattern we helped you format and create again, it's considered a "pattern" of ours and there is no additional charge to use it again. Essentially the custom artwork fee is a one time fee for file creation. If you wish to use a pattern or artwork we have formatted for you in the past, simply upload it, choose the option from the dropdown of one of our patterns and specify what you have done in the instructions field.

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