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Hand Forged in The Wilds of Alaska

Custom dog tag

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Custom dog tags

Each tag is made to order on our early 1940's Graphotype embossing machine. If you want an authentic WWII style tag we offer the original "notched" design that was used during that time. If you want something more modern we offer several different options.

  • Dull steel
  • Polished steel
  • Brass
  • Gloss black(Laser engraving only)

We also offer laser engraving on all of these tags and we can even engrave your artwork or logo onto these as well. Keep in mind if we laser engrave the tag we cannot run it on the Graphotype machine since it creates raised embossing on the back or "punches in the message". so it's an either or. Also, any artwork we convert and format for use on our equipment is ours to use again in various projects.

We offer a few accessories that you can get as well

  • Tag Silencer - a special rubber ring that stops your tag from rustling when worn
  • Chain - standard issue 27" chain

Keep in mind that you can also order these blank if you have a project in mind.

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