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Gil Hibben #49 Fur Rondy 40th Anniversary 4" Clip Point Hunter / Scrimshawed Arctic Sperm Whale Tooth / Polished 154CM

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Gil Hibbens is a household name in knife making culture. Over the years Gil achieved fame as a premier custom knife maker and his work has been featured in, and on the covers of, national gun and knife magazines. He has established a whos-who following of collectors including John Wayne, Elvis Presley, Steve McQueen, Sylvester Stallone and Steven Segal or world leaders such as Israel's Defense Minister Moshe Dayan, the Sultan of Brunei and Vice-President Dan Quayle. You may have seen his work in Rambo, as the now iconic knife that Rambo exclusively uses.

During the 70's, Mr. Hibben was an Airman stationed near Anchorage, Alaska. This coincided with the 40th anniversary of Fur Rendezvous (Fur Rondy) a long standing late winter fair in Anchorage. Miners and trappers would traditionally come down from the mountain passes to the trading hub of the region (Anchorage) and auction off their hard work. This over time has morphed into a huge carnival, ball and the starting of the last great race - The Iditarod.

Gil, along with Peter Mayac (world famous scrimshaw artist and Alaska Native), Walter Rowell (famous wood worker) and Bob Levine (leather worker) collaborated to make the knife, sheath and Alaskan cottonwood box.

We acquired this particular knife (#49 out of 175) as part of an estate. This is essentially New In Box ( NIB ) even though it is second hand to us. This includes all the original paperwork, box and key as well as the mint knife and sheath. This knife was HIGH SPEED in 1975 being made from 154CM stainless steel.

From the brochure:

"Once in a in a great while you will find perfection in a high quality hand made knife. A thing of unsurpassed beauty and design from the intricately carved ivory handle and the brilliant 154-CM stainless steel blade, right down to the hand made, native Alaskan cottonwoods presentation box and hand tooled leather sheath. Absolute perfection in a limited production knife. Then1975 Fur Rendezvous commemorative knife is all these things and more. The knife is a product of skilled professional, Mr. Gil Hibben of Anchorage, considered by many to be one of the finest knife makers in world, is responsible for production of the knife itself. The finely engraved ivory handle, a tooth of the Arctic Sperm Whale, is the work of Mr. Peter Mayac, a King Island Eskimo whose work is highly sought after by collectors. The presentation boxes are made by Walter Rowell, Bob Levine is the sheath maker and metal engraving is by Bob Donettie, Alaskans one and all. Only 175 of these exceptional knives have been made. Each carriers a serial number and the Official Seal of the Fur Rendezvous. These fine quality commemorative knives may be purchased at $350.00 each through Mr. John E. Curt, the man responsible for bringing together the craftsman we have mentioned. Mr. Curt has also announced that an additional knife, #0, has been made and will be given to the winning musher of the 1975 World Championship Sled Dog Race held during Fur Rendezvous."

The winner presented knife #0 was George Attla, legendary musher and many time winner.

The knife pictured is the actual knife for sale. Comes in the original box with all accessories, key, sheath, seal and brochure.


  • Blade length: 4"
  • Blade Thickness: 0.25"
  • Handle Length: 4.375"
  • Handle Thickness: 1"
  • Overall Length: 9.25"
  • Blade material: 154CM
  • Blade Finish: High Polish
  • Handle material: Scrimshawed Arctic Sperm Whale Tooth
  • Sheath: Tooled Leather


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