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In this Round-Table we go in depth on the Inception, testing and near final form of the AMUK. 3DK's purpose built survival and bush craft knife. As a running joke we like to remind one unnamed fan of the AMUK that its not just vapor ware, but an in progress knife that will be reaching its final version this fall after some field testing(hints on some upcoming videos)

We cover everything from the supposed depth gauge, different grinds and blade geometry we have tried and how it morphed into its final form based on how the MAK and Riot filled different niches in the line up.

Stay tune for our in depth analysis on the Severance and its origins as a go to tool for a Hawaiian drug interdiction team.

Also check out our past round table entries to get up to speed:

The MAK Part 1 and Part 2

And as always, Thank you 5th Ave Cigars for your fantastic contributions!

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