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The Severance by 3DK - M390 with orange G-10 scales

In this Round-Table we go in depth on the Inception, testing and near final form of the Severance. 3DK's purpose built bushwhacking and survival knife. We are currently working on version 4 of this fabled blade and hope to have it out for your general consumption after some addition testing this fall (hints on upcoming videos)

We cover why the blades edge is call a nightmare grind, different types of material we have tried over time for the handle and how one of our friends tested the strength of the blade with a high speed leap off his four wheeler to behead a hog.

This is also one of the Famous Blades of Jericho Quinn, Hero of Marc Cameron's book Series.

Also check out our past round table entries to get up to speed:

The MAK Part 1 and Part 2

And as always, Thank you 5th Ave Cigars for your fantastic contributions!

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You probably hear it all the time but its true you guys every one of you are awesome and talented good job on your line of knives.

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