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A. G. Russell Shopmade 3.5" Push Dagger / Mammoth Ivory & Mosaic Pins / Satin 154CM ( Pre Owned )

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We made the A. G. Russell™ Shopmade Push Dagger Letter Openers fron 2011 through 2016. We reintroduced the large one in January 2021 with Desert Ironwood. One of the very popular handle materials for this little jewel has been interior fossilized Mammoth Ivory. We recently cut and stabilized a supply for this project and perhaps a few of the A.G. Russell™ 55th Anniversary Sting which we hope to finish in the next couple of months.

Push Daggers were highly favored by gamblers on the early riverboats and in the gold fields of California and Nevada where they were carried concealed, usually along with a derringer, as protection. Ours was designed for a much less adventurous life. Along with the elegant deep chocolate brown leather sheath, you'll not find a letter opener that will generate more interest.

The knives are made in our own shop here in Rogers, Arkansas and are marked A.G. Russell Shopmade®. The blades are 154CM at 57-59 Rc. The stabilized mammoth ivory ranges in color from creamy white to mottled light brown and is held in place by mosaic pins. The leather desktop sheath is made offshore to our design.

The 3-1⁄2" double ground blade (sharp on both edges) measures 1-1⁄16" wide at the widest point. Measures 5-3⁄4" tip to butt. Weighs 2.9 oz.

This is a pre owned knife. The knife pictured is the actual knife for sale. Does not include the original box or accessories beyond the sheath


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