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Anodizing - Single and Multi layer

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Single and Multi Layer Anodizing

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We offer custom titanium anodizing services. There are many options such as varying levels of preparation polishing. This gives you a finish from a dull/tough bead blast, all the way up to a high polish shine, and many degrees in between. Patterns, symbols, insignia, and multi-layer anodizing is also available.

First a few things to consider:

  • Are you sending in scales or a full knife? If we have to disassemble what is sent it will be a $5.00 fee per item we have to take apart. If the knife or item is pinned together please contact us to see if it can be taken apart and reassembled.
  • orders for work under $100.00 will have shipping costs - See our shipping policy
  • If your titanium item is already colored, has paint of some sort or severe scratches / abrasions it will need to be Bead Blasted. Bead Blasting is $10 for one item, $20 for two, $30 for four and $40 for six.
  • How many items on your knife do you want anodized? It's per item(part). A set of knife scales is two items to be anodized.
  • Its important to keep in mind that your Foreground color must be a lower number than your background color. This is just a simple fact of how anodizing works
  • If you would like to incorporate your own art or design into the engraving / anodizing it is a flat $45 fee for the file creation on our side. It is a one time fee and we will send you the file we create for future use on other projects if you so wish.
  • If you choose to do any of the patterns we have above, it will be two layers of anodizing and will accrue engraving fees. For instance, you choose damascus pattern 1. You send in your scales already separated from the knife(no disassembly fee) and they are naked titanium(no bead blasting). The scales are smaller pieces(under 8 inches). the break down would be:
    • $0 disassembly fee
    • $0 Bead Blast fee
    • Color 15 for background and 1 for foreground
    • $30.00 - First anodizing pass for background($20 for first scale, $10 for second)
    • $0.00 - Laser setup and marking prep - not required since you chose our pattern(Damascus 1)
    • $10.00 - Marking fee($5 per scale)
    • $10.00 - Second anodizing pass for foreground($10 flat rate)
    • $50.00 TOTAL for a one of a kind finish on your knife


When shipping in your item for work, please put your order number/invoice number on the shipping label. If you are able to include your receipt in the box it would be appreciated but not mandatory. If your order was over $100.00, return shipping will be on us.

Shipping Address

Northern Knives - Order # 99999999

531 E 5th Ave

Anchorage, AK, 99501

Time allotted to complete work

Once we receive the package please allow 3-5 business days to complete your order. We will send you notification that we have received your item, we will also send you completion photos through email once the work has been completed.

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