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Forge 33

Through the inspiration of the Forged In Fire television show and a strong desire to pursue this time honored craft. Kevin decided to dive obsessively into the blade smithing trade. With an old Peter Wright anvil brought from his childhood home and a blacksmith hammer made and used by his Grandfather....Kevin began this journey that has evolved into Forge33!

All of the pieces Kevin creates are handmade from start to finish using quality steel, stabilized handle materials and 100% all leather sheaths. The pieces Kevin creates are meant to be used, providing years of service. He is a small one man shop without power hammers or presses at his disposal; all of Kevin's work is 100% handmade!

The name Forge33 derives from Kevin's last US Army MOS:

33W3H - (Military Intelligence Electronic Warfare Systems Repairer/Maintainer) - Here's to you know who you are, all we've done and all we can do!

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