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Updated: Jan 6, 2019

Our Web Admin Dakota goes in depth on what his EDC currently is. First we visit the Buck Ranger 112 Elite Auto. This knife has served him well over the past year and he has really grown to love it. (Check out our Selection of Auto Buck's here)

The Good

The first major bonus to it (In our Web Admin's eyes) is the Clip Point profile of the blade. The crescent tip makes the blade thinner with a sharper point. This shape overall seems to provide good control for detail work and cutting in tight places. It also makes punctures, like new holes in your belt pretty easy (as we all need after the holidays....).

Also did we mention this is a classic Buck design, but is now a one handed auto opener as well? This is fantastic for people who inherited, grew up using and then passed along their own Buck knives, but also like the idea of one handed operation without the tacticool stigma that comes with those kinds of knives. A person, in other words, like our Web Admin Dakota. He wa enamoured with the solid automatic action and finds himself flicking it open much like some people do with Zippo lighters. It's just plain satisfying!

The Bad

The major downside our Web Admin ran into is the thinner tip on the blade was more likely to break off if used and abused incorrectly unlike thicker blades. Now to be fair, Dakota is known for using his knives as prybars and the greatest sin of all. As a flat head screwdriver!!! So his analysis in regards to the tip breaking off should be taken with a grain, or even a unhealthy blood pressure increasing helping of salt.

Changes We Hope Buck Offers In the Future

The only real feedback Dakota to Buck is he wished they offered was a modified version of the 112 Ranger Elite with serrations along about 1" along the heal. After all it is an automatic, otherwise known as a Sailor's Knife. Serrations would definitely help with one handed rope cutting as mentioned in the video above.

Other Equipment Our Web Admin Carries

Our Web Admin also daily carries a Browning BDM. This is a 15 shot 9mm automatic that was as much of an experiment as an attempt to stay relevant by Browning back in the late 90's. They were competing directly with Glock at the time to try and capture the police officer market in the US and abroad.

Browning believed that instead of an inferior polymer, that police would prefer a pistol closer in profile and feel to the 1911 and the famous High Power. It was designed to be ambidextrous with a safety switch and reversible mag release. It also featured the ability to be single or double action with the tuning of a small screw selector

And the biggest feature is last-round open (like a High Power or 1911) but when you punch home another magazine, you engage the safety to release the slide, chamber a round and decock the hammer all in one action.

Browning BDM w/ 15rnd magazine, his old Buck style knife and the ubiquitous thermos

Its an awesome pistol that our Web Admin gravitated towards because

  1. He has small hands and although it’s a full size pistol, but its grip profile is meant to be for the masses of police officers out there and fits better then other "big handguns"

  2. Chamber and decocking for safety

  3. He is a hipster and cant have anything too mainstream

He also had our inshop Kydex guy, Guy (his real name!); make him a conceal-carry hip-holster which is pictured above. Check out some of his work here

And the final and biggest part of his EDC is fueled by his caffeine addiction. a Bubba vacuum coffee cup thermos that has a nice lanyard clip on it(in the above photo). This baby literally rides on his hip all hours of the day. Although he works nights and evenings here, making coffee at

6pm at night is literally the first thing he does every time comes into the shop.

Stay tuned for other entries in the coming days. Next time lead 3DK Designer and Co Owner of Northern Knives, Mike, will go over what he carries. Being the owner of a knife store, i am sure you can imagine how eclectic and large his EDC is.

Dont forget to check out our YouTube channel for more great videos

Also thank you to 5th Avenue Cigars for supplying their fantastic wares for the evening.

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