Updated: Jan 15, 2019

Mike, Lead designer for 3DK and one of the owners of Northern Knives, waxes poetic on what his EDC currently is. As well as being brutally honest about some aspects.

First we visit his Chris Reeve Sebenza 21. As Mike has carried it over the years he has grown to love this simple yet fantastically executed folder.

The Good - Sebenza 21

First and foremost this is Mike's dailey driver. The blade shape is a ubiquitous drop point, with a standard hollow grind. The tip is extremely fine and the knife is ground thinly, allowing fine detail work. Like cleaning nails to be particularly intimidating or trimming fine cigars.

This particular Sebenza isn't just any Chris Reeve. This one has a RainDrop Damascus blade and the scale has a matching custom damascus graphic on it as well, direct from the shop floor in Idaho. Overall, it’s a great shape and form for EDC. Combining classic lines with precision that only Chris Reeve can deliver. In Mike's own words "Craftsmanship that is second to none"

The Bad - Sebenza 21

The only downside Mike has on this platonic ideal of the gentlemans drop point is that although its a stout blade, using it for extremely hard work (although very capable) feels like a crime against humanity. It's just too damn nice. Like that restored car in your garage you just had painted. You'll never pony it again for fear of it getting destroyed.

Changes We Hope Chris Reeve Offers In the Future

The only real feedback Mike has for Chris Reeve is offering a ball bearing pivot for an even smoother action and a low rise clip for easier carry.

Next we visit Mike's daily work horse. His "Shop Custom" ZT 0456

The Good - "Shop Custom" ZT 0456

Mike also carries a ZT 0456 with the full titanium handle. Mike uses this as his primary work horse. he loves the ball bearing action and the fact, that although its a manual opening knife, it can be flicked open one handed and used with little to no practice. It also has a Wharn Cliff style point lending to opening packages or cutting things and the fact it uses CPM-20CV steel means chipping, or breaking tips is less likely to happen then Nic Cage coming to hang out with us.

Mike has also extensively modified the appearance with our gradient pattern #1 and three anodizing passes giving it a Deus Ex kind of look which the author thinks is Certified Neat™.

We have since refined our processes and can get a similar finish with two anodizing passes. Check it out. He has also removed the factory, ba