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Lori, one of the owners of Northern Knives, waxes poetic on what her EDC currently is. As well as lamenting on EDC gear lost over the last few years

First we visit her Benchmade 765 Ti mono-block. Lori has had this one for sometime and its changed with her as her tastes and needs have changed. As you can tell this is no ordinary 765.

The Good - "Shop Custom" Ti Mono-block

First and foremost this is Lori's daily driver. The blade shape is a ubiquitous drop point, with a standard sabre grind on the M390 blade. That's right, M390. Possibly the toughest steel to come from Bohler! The blade also has some well defined jimping along that spine that really lends to glorious day to day tasks. Like cutting down boxes or slicing some stubbornly hard sausage and cheese.

This particular 765 isn't just any Benchmade though. This one has been custom anodized in our full service shop here at Northern knives with our own secret sauce mixture to get a nice mellow blue hue with a dark crackled purple background on the rugged titanium scales. Check it out

The Bad - "Shop Custom" Ti Mono-block

The only downside Lori has on this knife is that, well, is so easy to take apart. It makes too tempting to modify and potentially ruin this CRK competitor. And people always ask if its a CRK or CRK clone which puts a hamper on the mood.

Next we visit Lori's prime cut of a knife, her William Henry!

William Henry B12-CTD with Wave pattern Damascus blade, aerospace grade titanium frame, carbon fiber scales and sapphire inlays in the thumb stud and button lock

The Good - William Henry

In our previous edition of our EDC series( check it out here) Mike waxed poetic about how his CRK Sabenza was "Second to none". But Lori may beg to differ when it comes to her EDC William Henry (its a B12-CTD if you absolutely need to there). Its blade is a fantastic "Wave" pattern Damascus steel with a ZDP-189 core. The blade is house in an aerospace grade titanium frame with high polish carbon fiber scales. Both the thumb stud and button release for the lock are inlaid with sapphires (Lori's birth stone). This is the elegant accompaniment anyone would love to carry. Some people wear Rolex, others carry a William Henry.

The Bad - William Henry

The major downside Lori has encountered is that this is her second one. She EDC's it which means there's always a small chance it will slip out of your pocket and be gone forever. To just loose something like this is devastating. Besides that, the build quality is truly second to none!

Writing Utensil - William Henry Premier

As far as pens go, this is almost the platonic ideal of pens. It has a reassuring even weight through out its titanium body, accented by a mokume ring and Damascus clip with a white topaz inlay. This pen is truly used by her for only signing the most important documents, like a FedEx shipping acknowledgement, or scribbling a quick signature on the take out receipt for curry chicken.

We joke, but this pen is exquisitely constructed and has been personalized by Lori when we were still honing in our anodizing process, hence its blue to orange gradient along the primary body. The only complaint Lori has, is although it uses awesome Pilot refills, people are idiots and slam down hard when finishing a signature and always crush the ball on Pilot point pens. People, don't do it! It ruins nice pens.

Personal Protection - Walther CCP 9mm

Not a lot to say, besides that its a nice basic little carry that packs a bit of punch and enough rounds to stop most threats. It also sits comfortably in a waste band thanks to our guy, Guy, who makes our in-house sheaths.

And For Luck - 1896 Morgan Silver Dollar

William Henry pen along with the luck 1896 Morgan Silver Dollar

This is also part of her EDC and possibly the luckiest. Her 1896 Morgan Silver Dollar. Why is it lucky? Well on her first date with her soon to be husband, they exchanged items of value and decided to do coins. She got his silver dollar and has considered it good luck since, especially since he was part of the package.

In Closing

If you like this introspective tune in (read in?) for our next installment where Doug, the local personality at 5th Ave Cigars, unloads his pounds(yes LBS) of EDC gear onto the table for us to enjoy.

Also check out our previous entry so far in the series here where Mike, part owner and lead designer, shows off his mad mod skills with his load out.

Or check out our Web Admin stroking his ego with his EDC for everyone to enjoy here

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