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Laser Engraving

Steel, titanium, and aluminum laser engraving services. We have several different engraving finishes to choose from. We can also engrave DLC, Cerakoted, and bead/sand blast blades. Patterns, symbols, insigia, and many custom options are also available.  




First a few things to consider:

  • Are you sending in scales or a full knife? If we have to disassemble what is sent it will be a $5.00 fee per item we have to take apart. If the knife or item is pinned together please contact us to see if it can be taken apart and reassembled. 

  • orders for work under $100.00 will have shipping costs - See our shipping policy 

  • If your titanium item is already colored, has paint of some sort or severe scratches / abrasions it will need to be Bead Blasted. Bead Blasting is $10 for one item, $20 for two, $30 for four and $40 for six.

  • How many items on your knife do you want anodized? It's per item (part). A set of knife scales is two items to be anodized.

  • If you would like to incorporate your own art or design into the engraving / anodizing it is a flat $45 fee for the file creation on our side. It is a one time fee and we will send you the file we create for future use on other projects if you so wish.

  • If you choose to do any of the patterns we have, it will at the minimum be two layers of anodizing and will accrue engraving fees. For instance, you choose damascus pattern 1. You send in your scales already separated from the knife (no disassembly fee) and they are naked titanium (no bead blasting). The scales are smaller pieces (under 8 inches). the break down would be:

    • $0 disassembly fee​

    • $0 Bead Blast fee

    • $30.00 - First anodizing pass for background ($20 for first scale, $10 for second)

    • $0 - Laser setup / File creation. You chose our pattern so no cost

    • $10.00 - Marking fee ($5 per scale)

    • $10.00 - Second anodizing pass for foreground ($10 flat rate)

    • $50.00 TOTAL for a one of a kind finish on your knife


* Corporate Accounts and Batch Orders are eligible for priority pricing on engraving and anodizing​


Issues with the Site? Question about one of our customs? Want to ship to Australia? Drop us a line.


Mon - Sat: 10am-6pm AKST

Sun: Closed

--Holiday Hours--

We are Closed on the following holidays;

New Year's Day

Martin Luther King Day

Memorial Day

Independence Day

Labor Day

Veterans Day

Thanksgiving Day

Christmas Day

Tel: 907-569-1800        Text Line: 907-830-1608

Drop us a line and we will get back to you within 24 hours. We also accept Mail in Orders!

Thank you, we will conatc you in the next 24 hours with a quote

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